Technological requirements of big data

Today we discussed how technology is required in big data. We looked at some websites and also watched a short video about it.

We have went over some of this in topic 3 Growth of data about how data growth can be like smartphones because every time you make a phone call all the data is collected. Cloud storage and memory are also collecting data.

Storage of hardware and software has been one of the big problems. New technologies have come about in the last few years like SSDs, software defined storage and automated tiering. Prices in the data storage and data management section are influenced by the continuing of storage vendors and service providers.

One of the reasons for this shift is is the continuing decline in costs for data storage. A decline of as much as 15-20% over the last several years.

Prices in the data storage and data management market are also influenced by the continuing consolidation of storage vendors and service providers, a recent on is Dell’s $67 billion acquisition of data storage provider.

Solutions at competitive prices, and storage providers are continually entering the marketplace with new technologies as well as more efficient and more-effective storage management software.

There are many options you can take and some of the  job opportunities you can get are, Big Data Analytics Business Consultant, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Analyst, Metrics and Analytics Specialist and Big Data Solution Architect.

The three main types on data analytics are Prescriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Descriptive Analytics which they can depend on the big data environment.



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